About Me

For over 10 years I have been developing websites. This is my life, I love my work. I like to create something interesting and useful for people. I'm mainly engaged in the creation of a framework for websites, I also do designs (although this is very seldom). I am a programmer, rather than a web designer, although I have enough good photoshop knowledge and skills. Sometimes, I create a website completely, but it is usually for myself, family and friends.
Also, I like to create small utilities for different purposes used by ordinary visitors and by webmasters.

My Some Projects

Gallery sites and projects that I created completely. Slightly below list of the tools for ordinary users and webmasters.

project name
Landing Page for Family Photographer
I have a friend a wonderful photographer. This girl makes a beautiful family photos. She needed a Landing Page. She ask me and I helped her in this.
project name
Web page for an ultrasound doctor
Different people write to me. This time, an excellent ultrasound doctor contacted me. And I created a page according to his requests
project name
Web page for hairdresser salon
A wonderful hairdresser salon is located on Polyarnaya Street in Moscow, which has been pleasing its visitors for over 60 years!

My Web-Utilities

List of the tools for ordinary users and webmasters.

project name
Mistakes Sender
Small utility allows your visitors on the site when it detects mistakes in the text send to you a message by selecting a piece of text with an mistake.


Skills & Proficiency


Javascript & jQuery


Sketch & Photoshop

Ruby on Rails

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